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Orange Walnut Energy Bites

These Orange Walnut Energy Bites are the perfect snack! They take five minutes to make, they’re super delicious, and they’re easy to transport. I just made a batch of these last week to take with me when I went out of town. I love these Orange Walnut Energy Bites because they’re cheaper than Larabars or… Read More Orange Walnut Energy Bites

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Paleo Peppermint Brownies

These Paleo Peppermint Brownies are so good! They don’t even taste gluten-free or Paleo, and they’re super dark and fudgy. These are perfect for the holiday season, since they’re super healthy AND super festive! Plus, they’re a lot healthier than traditional holiday desserts . . . and they’re more affordable than store-bought healthy alternatives! (Have you… Read More Paleo Peppermint Brownies

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Copycat Gingerbread RXBars

These Copycat Gingerbread RXBars are so cute! They’re so easy to make, and they’re the perfect snack for the holidays. Cutting them into gingerbread men is optional, but it makes them extra cute! When you try these, you might think you’re eating gingerbread cookies, but you’ll actually be eating a healthy “protein bar.” I hope… Read More Copycat Gingerbread RXBars

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Sweet Potato Fries with PB Dip

These Sweet Potato Fries with PB Dip are easy, delicious, and perfect for a crowd! They’re great for holiday parties, and everyone will love them. Even though sweet potatoes and peanut butter aren’t typical holiday flavors, this is a perfect dish for the season! I know sweet potatoes and peanut butter sounds like a weird flavor… Read More Sweet Potato Fries with PB Dip

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Granola Berry Breakfast Bowl (Vegan)

This Vegan Granola Berry Breakfast Bowl is one of my favorite recipes! Since normal granola isn’t Paleo, I made my own version last summer and then adapted it for this recipe! This granola is perfect when paired with berries, nut butter, and almond milk. It’s a delicious vegan breakfast, and it’s conveniently portable! This post is… Read More Granola Berry Breakfast Bowl (Vegan)