Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nice Cream
Nice Cream
  1. Melt the coconut oil. Stir in the almond butter and maple syrup. Add the coconut flour, coconut sugar, salt, and molasses. Stir in the chocolate chunks.
  2. Blend the bananas and coconut milk together until the mixture is completely smooth. Use a spatula to scrape it into a container.
  3. Roll the “cookie dough” into small chunks. Add the chunks to the nice cream and stir.
  4. Mix together the melted coconut oil and cocoa powder. While you stir the nice cream, pour in the coconut oil mixture. The mixture will freeze and form small “chocolate chunks.”
  5. Finally, add in the chopped dates (if you like). Freeze the whole mixture for 10-30 minutes (depending on how much your nice cream has melted), stirring every five minutes. Enjoy!