I am an avid runner, writer, and chef. I love yoga (especially inversions), but running is my favorite form of exercise. I love sweet potatoes and chocolate . . . but I don’t mind salad.

My journey with whole foods started with a school experiment. I tried vegan, Paleo, raw foods, and “blood type” diets on myself to determine which nutrition profile and lifestyle worked for me. Because grains, dairy, and heavily processed foods give me issues, I decided that Paleo was the best option.

I don’t have a miraculous recovery story to tell, because I’m lucky: I discovered the key to healthy eating early in life. However, my lifestyle requires a lot of self-motivation. I am a teenager, and most of my peers think I’m crazy for abstaining from pizza and white bread. After forcing myself to learn how to cook, I found the beauty in whole, unprocessed foods. I quickly realized that such foods were not just nourishing, but delicious, and I wanted to share my discovery with others. I created this blog as a way to express myself through cooking, while simultaneously spreading a healthy way of living.

I am so grateful to the Paleo way of life for helping me create a vibrant, healthy life. Whether you’re Paleo, vegan, or just hungry, I hope there’s something on this blog to make you smile!