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7 Days of Cross-Country Workouts + Meals!

Hi! I’m so excited to share my lifestyle post for the month of August — 7 Days of Cross-Country Workouts + Meals! I had the opportunity to go to cross-country camp in the mountains a few weeks ago, and I had a blast! Since I went to camp over the weekend, I ended up running Monday through… Read More 7 Days of Cross-Country Workouts + Meals!

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Mini Paleo Spanish Tortilla

Good morning! Today is definitely a great day, because I have a new breakfast recipe to share with you! This Mini Paleo Spanish Tortilla is one of the best breakfast recipes ever — no joke! It’s easy, simple, and (most importantly) delicious! It has lots of protein from eggs, carbs from potatoes, and flavor from soft, sweet… Read More Mini Paleo Spanish Tortilla

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Summer Berry Breakfast Smoothie Jars

Although summer break is coming to a close, summer produce is still in stock! These Summer Berry Breakfast Smoothie Jars celebrate all the delicious fruits of summer, and they are very easy to make. If you’re in a summery mood, whip up these Paleo and vegan smoothie jars to start your day! When I made these… Read More Summer Berry Breakfast Smoothie Jars

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Paleo Chicken Nuggets

I used to think that Paleo Chicken Nuggets were just a Paleo “cheat food,” but now that I’ve made them I think differently! These Paleo Chicken Nuggets are versatile, easy, and delicious. They’re super healthy and kid-friendly. They’re also differentiable from the McDonald’s classic (they look and taste healthier!). I thought Paleo Chicken Nuggets would be similar… Read More Paleo Chicken Nuggets