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My August Bullet Journal Setup

I’m so excited to share my August Bullet Journal Setup today! If you’ve been around for a while, you probably remember my March Bullet Journal Setup. That was a loooong post — 1,487 words, to be exact. Don’t worry, I’m keeping things short and sweet with today’s post. I’ll go over my spreads (pages), my methods for staying accountable, and my ideas for future spreads! (FYI, when I say “spread” I mean a page or setup in my bullet journal — for example, a calendar spread.)

Section 1: My Spreads

This is my cover page for the month of August! As you can see, my theme is tropical leaves. I kind of went wild with this theme & drew leaves everywhere. I also added a nice quote to remind me to take risks and step outside of my comfort zone . . . especially now that school is starting again.

The cover page is a nice, clean way to start a new month. I almost always make one to separate one month from the next.

The next spread in my My August Bullet Journal Setup is my calendar layout! I combined a calendar and a tracker into one (thanks & much love to Caitlin’s Corner for the inspiration!!) for the second month in a row — I did this in July too and it was so nice! It’s very compact, and I love the way it looks on paper. Plus, it reminds me to fill out my tracker every time I look at my calendar.

The quote on the side is one of my favorite quotes ever! I just discovered it on Pinterest, and I think it is so inspiring. When we look in a mirror, we might see ourselves as we wish we could be. Education turns these mirrors into windows so we can see through ourselves to the incredible world beyond, and it shapes us to become the people we want to be. I picked this quote because I start school this month, and I need extra motivation to get excited, ha ha.

The next two pages are for journaling. I’ve been doing One Line A Day for quite a while now, and I decided to expand it to Two Lines A Day this month to challenge myself. I love this spread because I can look back on it and read a little blurb about what stood out in each day. It’s great for reminiscing and reflecting. 🙂

On the next page of my August Bullet Journal Setup, I have my Goals & Tasks list. I organize my tasks in a few different categories, which change frequently from month to month. For privacy’s sake, I’m not showing the following page (I’ve already filled out a lot of it). Basically, it’s a two-column setup with a week-by-week plan to get things done on one side and a “last hurrah” bucket list for summer on the other.

I also keep an expenses log and a monthly brain dump page. These are some of the most useful pages I have, because they help me keep track of my money and my thoughts. Every time I have a random idea, I write it down in my brain dump for future reference.

These are my last two pages! I hope you enjoyed seeing my setup . . . I know I enjoyed creating it! It took forever to draw and color all the leaves, but it was actually kind of therapeutic. Also, the leaves aren’t that detailed or neat (if you look closely). This August Bullet Journal Setup is perfectly doable for anyone!! If you recreate it, let me know and share a picture! 🙂

Section 2: Accountability

Keeping up with my journal has never been a huge issue for me because I love working in it so much, but I often forget to fill out my trackers and journaling spreads. To solve this issue, I incorporated my tracker into my calendar (which I look at pretty regularly). I also make it a point to catch up on journaling spreads at least once a week if I get behind. That way, the memories are still fresh in my head.

I set my bullet journal up so that I really have no choice to use it! My journal is also my school agenda, and I make a point to create to-do lists every day! I don’t think a day has passed in the past 2 years where I haven’t made a to-do list!! Crazy, but true. If you depend on your journal like I do, you’ll have no trouble using it regularly.

Section 3: Future Spreads

The cool thing about bullet journals is that you can put whatever the heck you want in them! I normally keep things pretty simple, but here are a few ideas that I’ve either already incorporated (A) or want to incorporate in the next six months (W):

  1. Reading log/TBR (to be read) List (A)
  2. Seasonal bucket lists (A)
  3. Level 10 Life (A)
  4. “Let’s Go On An Adventure” — a list of trips I want to go on (W)
  5. Travel journaling with pictures and things! (W)
  6. Personal Mission Statements (W)
  7. Recipe Ideas Spread (A)
  8. Wishlist (A)
  9. Ideal Morning/Evening (W)
  10. Mood Mandala (see Boho Berry!) (A)

I hope these ideas are helpful for you all! I had a lot of fun writing this post, and I hope you have a lot of fun reading it! 🙂

Happy August!

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