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Friday Favorites

Hey there! Thanks for joining me for my second Friday Favorites post!

Last week, this post was a little obscenely long. I’m going to try keeping things shorter this week. Hopefully, it will still be interesting but not too short. Let’s get to it!

Friday Favorites

My first favorite is my new glass water bottle from Aquasana. This water bottle is so pretty, and it’s actually very durable! I was scared that the glass would be very fragile, but it’s holding up so far. I haven’t broken it yet!

If you want to check out this bottle, you can find it here. (This is not a sponsored post, I just like and recommend Aquasana’s product.)

My second favorite of the week is this article from Runner’s World. RW’s nutrition editor cut out sugar for 30 days, and she wrote an article that summarized what happened — 7 Things That Happened When I Cut out Sugar for a Month. Her commentary was very entertaining, and I found myself identifying with many of the things she said. Her experience seemed similar to what I went through during my two Whole30s. To this day, I still eat a LOT of fruits and nuts, which she mentions. (Actually, I eat much more fruit in the summer than I do in the winter . . .)

Friday Favorites

Next up, I’ve got this article from Camille Styles about building a morning routine. Morning is my favorite time of day! I have my own morning routine already, but I loved the tips from this article anyway! My favorite was no screen time for about two hours before bed. That’s something I need to work on . . .

On to my next favorite obsession: pistachios! I’ve got two new pistachio recipes coming your way in the next couple weeks. You’re gonna love ’em! The photo above features a savory pistachio recipe, and the photo below features a sweet recipe. Stay tuned, because these two recipes are some of my all-time favorites!


Friday Favorites

Like last week’s post, I have a photography article to round out my Friday Favorites. This one is from Brit&Co, and it talks about ten tabletop photography tips everyone should know. My favorites are #3 and #8. #3 has some tips for cheap, affordable backgrounds, and #8 talks about adding visual interest. You can read the article via this link!

I also love this t-shirt from Runner’s World. It’s snarky — “Running: established 776 B.C.” I didn’t know this, but 776 is the date of the first Olympic footrace in ancient Greece. You learn something new every day!

Now for the last favorite of my Friday Favorites: this jacket from Merrell. Unfortunately, it is no longer for sale. I couldn’t resist sharing it, so forgive me if you can’t buy it for yourself! It’s comfortable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for running. It’s also just pretty . . . and I’m a sucker for pretty things.

Friday Favorites

Thanks for reading about my Friday Favorites! I hope these little lifestyle blurbs are helpful and enjoyable to read. let me know what you think about this, since I’m working on making these posts better with each week. Have a wonderful weekend, and come back over here on Monday for a new recipe! If you can’t wait until then, subscribe to my email list here to get a subscriber-only recap tomorrow!

Happy Friday!


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